6 Best PhpStorm Plugins

1. Key Promoter X

This is a plugin that tells you about shortcuts. It tells you the shortcuts that correspond to the operations you perform with the mouse. It also tells you how many times you have performed the operation to see how many useless operations you are performing. If you see a pop-up, try to remember it.

2. Php Inspections

This is a static analysis plugin, EA Ultimate is the paid version and EA Extended is the free version. You can analyze by specifying a specific scope on “Alt + Shift + I”. This is essential when developing with PHP, as it tells you how to write code that has poor performance or security issues.

3. deep-assoc-completion

This is a plugin for array completion. It’s useful for completing keys in associative arrays.

4. String Manipulation

This is a plugin for string manipulation. You can change camel case to snake case, convert lower case to upper case, etc.

5. RegexpTester

This is a plugin that allows you to verify regular expressions within PhpStorm. It’s simple, but it’s good to be able to do more things in PhpStorm.

6. Translation

This is a plugin for translation. You can use translations from google and Baidu within PhpStorm. You should register the main language and target language in the preferences.



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